Preview: 2025 Buick Enclave Goes Turbo and High-Tech

The Enclave’s redesign sees a natural progression, moving to increased technology and shifting to a turbo powertrain. It remained competitive over its production run. In fact, right now it’s still ranked second in its class, aided by a strong road-test score and average predicted reliability. 

The outgoing Enclave had a passel of virtues that counted a comfortable ride, a quiet cabin, a roomy interior, an easy-to-use infotainment system, and a lively powertrain. Its demerits are few, with fuel economy being a notable one through the years. We measured just 18 mpg overall. We hope the new powertrain brings a welcomed improvement.

The previous Enclave we tested came up a bit short in fit and finish, with some ill-fitting trim pieces and fewer comfort features than expected at its price. Hopefully, the new Enclave will be elevated to contemporary standards. 

We have long found the Enclave to be a strong competitor and even a suitable alternative to driving a larger truck-based SUV for many shoppers. No doubt that tradition will continue. Perhaps the biggest question is how different the three GM SUVs will feel. 

We will report on that as soon as we buy examples to test.