Best Pressure Washers of 2024

Any pressure washer will pump out water with far more force than a garden hose, but the best boost water pressure by a factor of 60 to 80 pounds per square inch. If you’re just browsing at the home center, though, it’s hard to tell which models actually generate that kind of power, and the cleaning prowess that comes with it. At Consumer Reports, we assess pressure washers according to a range of factors, but we place the most weight on how well they handle and clean. Here’s what our top picks have in common:

They’re effective. The best pressure washers in our tests can clean a surface completely, stripping paint at multiple angles and using different nozzles. In your yard that means effortless cleaning of any suitable outdoor surface.

They’re fast. Some pressure washers take their time getting a surface clean. The best aren’t just effective, they’re quick, too. Our power test measures potency, and in turn, how fast each pressure washer can blast through grime.

They’re easy to use. The best pressure washers start easily and have simple controls, cords, and hoses that don’t feel unwieldy. They also make it seamless to switch from one nozzle to another.