How to Replace a Lawn Mower Blade

5. Fasten the Bolts to Secure the Blade

Once you’re ready to tighten the bolt, put the work gloves back on. Reinsert the wooden block—on the opposite side of the mower deck this time—and tighten the bolt using a combination wrench.    

Some manufacturers recommend using a torque wrench for this task because overtightening a bolt could cause it to crack, while undertightening it could allow the lawn mower blade to fly off while the mower is running.

Before flipping the mower back upright, take a few minutes to clean out the underside of the deck and apply a light coating of silicone spray, if you have it. This will prevent the built-up clippings from compromising airflow. Along with a sharpened blade, that measure could make the mower more energy-efficient while keeping your lawn and your lawn mower in tip-top condition.