Best Double Strollers of 2024

We evaluate three styles of double strollers, plus double car seat carriers that can accommodate two car seats. (This list doesn’t include stroller wagons, the monster cruisers capable of transporting multiple strapped-in toddlers in style.) Here’s a breakdown of what to expect from each type:

Side-by-side double strollers are popular forward-facing cruisers that allow both little ones to interact and see the world, but their wide design can make it hard to fit through doorways and maneuver on crowded sidewalks. That said, they fold more easily than tandem double strollers, a key factor if you’re frequently hoisting your stroller into and out of the trunk of your car.

Tandem double strollers have two seats, one in front of the other. In some tandem strollers, the seats face each other, but most have both seats facing forward, which means one child has a better view than the other. These strollers are also harder than side-by-sides to steer and push over curbs. But because tandems are the same width as single strollers, they’re a good choice for navigating narrow hallways or passages, doorways, and sidewalks.

Convertible double strollers can be rearranged and adapted depending on your needs or each child’s development. For instance, some can be used as a single stroller or (when the seat is flat) as a bassinet, then expanded to a double stroller with a second seat or an adapter for a car seat. Many can even accommodate an older sibling by allowing you to add a standing platform or a removable bench seat. (For this reason, convertible strollers are a good choice if you have two kids of different ages.)

You’ll also find models that convert to a travel system, allowing you to swap out their seats for car seats. If you have twins, make sure the system enables your car seats to face each other, says Joan Muratore, who tests strollers for CR. It’s instant entertainment for your babies.

Double car seat carriers, or car seat caddies, aren’t actually strollers but frames that car seats can snap into. They’re helpful for families who frequently travel in a car or cab with their babies. They work as a stroller with the car seats attached, and when you transfer the car seats to the car, you’re left with a lightweight frame that folds up easily and compactly for storage in the trunk. If you already have car seats, make sure they’re compatible with the carrier you buy.