What Exactly Is Dermaplaning, and Is It Safe?

The most accessible alternative to dermaplaning may be simply shaving with a traditional razor. But because a razor’s surface area is straight and so much larger than a scalpel used by a professional, it can be harder to achieve the same precision going over the curves of your skin.

Threading, in which thread is used to wrap around hair and pull it out, is more commonly used for shaping eyebrows, but it can also be used to remove fine peach fuzz on your face, Hu says. But the tugging involved can irritate the skin.

The “old-fashioned way” of exfoliation could also be a good option, according to Hu. “Double-cleanse your face by using an oil cleanser to remove the makeup and extra oil,” she says, “and then take a foaming cleanser and a wash cloth and gently run it over your face in a circular motion.”

That won’t get rid of hair but will get rid of layers of dead skin and make your face feel smoother, without the risk of getting cuts or ingrown hairs, Hu says.

Chipps says that other exfoliative treatments, such as microdermabrasion to remove dead skin cells, and, for pigmented hair, laser hair removal, could also do the job. Because laser hair removal targets the melanin in hair to remove it, those with fair hair or some gray hair (like me) might not get the desired results.