What’s the Best iPad for You?

The iPad Pro is available in two sizes: an 11-inch model that starts at $999 and a 13-inch model that starts at $1,299. The new versions will feature an OLED display instead of the Mini LED screen on the previous models. If you’re familiar with CR’s television coverage, you know that OLED is an advanced display technology that offers great contrast and deep blacks, significantly enhancing picture quality. 

The latest iPad Pros will also be the first Apple devices to ship with the company’s new M4 processor. Apple says the M4 is particularly well-suited to AI-related tasks like photo editing and music producing.

And for the first time, the iPad Air will be available in two sizes, too: 11 inches and 13 inches. (Yes, just like the iPad Pro.) The Airs use an LED backlit IPS display and are powered by the M2. They start at $599 and $799, respectively.

The entry-level iPad and the diminutive iPad Mini, ideal for note-taking, have not been updated.

With all that news out of the way, we return to our regularly scheduled programming: helping you pick which iPad is right for you.

We buy and test every model that Apple releases, measuring performance across a variety of metrics, including ease of use, the quality of the display, and how fast the model does the things we ask it to do, like load web pages and apply filters to photos. Whatever your budget and your needs, we can help you find the right iPad.

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