Best Grill Brushes of 2024

A great grill cleaning brush isn’t just the easiest way to keep your grates immaculate—it’s also an essential tool to keep your grill working at peak performance. 

Each time you grill, food residue builds up on the grates and burns in place. Straggling peppers from a kebab or a stray piece of chicken skin can easily get wedged in between grates, too. And before you know it, those items will lock into place as well.

Over time, that buildup can block the flame from hitting your food, preventing you from getting a great sear. And if left long enough, dirty grates can pose a serious fire hazard, since all that grease and residue can eventually ignite and go up in flames. Grill-cleaning brushes are the easiest way to get rid of crud from your grates, and, according to our past tests, they work far better than home fixes like scrubbing with a wadded-up ball of aluminum foil.