Best Cheap Electric Bikes Under $2,000 (2024): Commuter, Folding, Cargo

If you’ve always wanted to try bike commuting but are worried you’ll get tired or just don’t want to be sweaty at work, an electric bicycle can give you that last little push—metaphorically and literally. Also, they’re really fun. I’ve never met anyone who has tried an electric bicycle and not wanted one; in the Netherlands, electric bicycles currently outsell regular bicycles. However, that four-figure price tag induces sticker shock. Many states are considering incentive programs, but how does that help you if you want or need an ebike now?

Many factors drive up the price of an ebike, including expensive components, sophisticated computers, big batteries, and fancy frames. Thankfully, a handful of direct-to-consumer companies are making affordable ebikes so everyone can participate in the fun. Below, you’ll find the best cheap ebikes we tested. Got a bike we should know about? Leave a comment! Don’t forget to check out our Best Electric Bikes, Best Family Bikes, and Best Bike Accessories guides for more recommendations.

Update May 2024: We added the Rad Power Bikes Radster Road, added more information on the Propella, and updated links and pricing.

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