Which Ring Doorbell Should You Buy?

The Ring Wired Doorbell Pro, formerly known as the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2, performs decently in our tests, but not as well as some of Ring’s less expensive models. It receives a strong score for data security, but its response time and 1536p HD+ Video receive just midlevel scores. 

On a positive note, the doorbell features the square Head-to-Toe Video that allows you to see above and below the camera so that packages and visitors’ heads aren’t cut off. 

Like the Battery Doorbell Pro above, the Wired Doorbell Pro features 3D Motion Detection, which uses a radar-based motion sensor to more accurately detect movement. In turn, this feature enables two others: Bird’s Eye Zones, for blocking out areas on a satellite map that cause false alerts (such as a sidewalk), and Bird’s Eye View, which shows you a breadcrumb trail on a satellite map of where people walked on your property. 

The Wired Doorbell Pro also features Advanced Pre-Roll Video, which shows you 6 seconds of color footage from before the doorbell detected motion.

This doorbell must be wired for power and can ring existing doorbell chimes. With a Ring Protect subscription, you also receive cloud video storage, person alerts, package alerts, and Alexa Greetings. This last feature lets Alexa answer the door for you and ask visitors questions.

(Also see my hands-on first look at the Ring Wired Doorbell Pro.)