Electric Vehicles That Can Go More Than 250 Miles on a Charge

The models below are organized into three groups: those with more than 400 miles of range, 300 to 400 miles, and 250 to 300 miles. Within those groups, they’re ranked based on the EPA estimate for range based on the configuration that will go the longest distance. Then we present Consumer Reports’ range test results, where available, based on the popularly equipped version we purchased, with the range based on the maximum distance the vehicle would travel at highway speeds.

There are several new and forthcoming models that the EPA lists as having more than 300 miles of range, but we haven’t tested them yet or they’re just coming to market. Those vehicles include the Vinfast VF9 (330 miles), BMW i7 (321 miles), Cadillac Lyriq (314 miles), GMC Hummer EV (314 miles), and the Audi Q8 Sportback E-Tron (300).

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