Dyson Supersonic Nural Hair Dryer Review: Fast Drying and New Smart Attachments

For me, a dryer lives and dies by its diffuser, and I’ve never seen one like this, which is actually two diffusers. In “diffuse mode,” it looks like any diffuser you’ve ever seen, with prongs to get right into the root to dry and help with volume. Dyson says this one is best for more textured curls and coils.

Pop that prong part off to use “dome mode.” Instead of pushing air out, it creates a vortex of air within the dome so air spins around the curls to dry them. It’s meant to elongate and enhance waves and curls. For my hair, they were best used together, and I think many curl types would benefit from both. I dried the roots and coarser bottom layer with the regular diffuser, and then switched to the dome for the length, particularly focusing on the damaged curls on top that require a bit more care to bring out the shape.

You’ll notice a few slight visual changes from the first Supersonic. Lights change colors based on the heat setting, turning blue for cool, yellow for low heat, orange for medium, and red for high. It makes it a little more fun-looking, but it’s also a nice visual cue to quickly check which setting you’re on. My favorite new addition though, is the clear back where the settings are, which gives you an inside look at some of the internals. As a huge fan of ’90s clear tech, I want more of this all the time. Dyson, if you’re reading this, the people want fully transparent hair tools with candy-colored wires.

Putting most of the controls on the back of the barrel is a smart move (as it was with the original). Most dryers put the buttons right where your hands grip the handle, so you can accidentally change settings when you’re just trying to hold it to your head. Here, the power switch and cold shot button are on the handle, but out of the way.

Smart Features

Back view of a hair dryer with a clear cap showing the internal pieces

Photograph: Medea Giordano

The Supersonic Nural has a few unique smart functions that make the hair-drying process a little easier. Scalp protect mode uses a time-of-flight (ToF) sensor and infrared beam to detect when the dryer gets close to your head, automatically turning the temperature down to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. Though it works with only some of the attachments, like the gentle air attachment, styling concentrator, and smoothing nozzle, it means you don’t have to fiddle with settings as you move from roots out.