What to Know About Jabra, Lexie, Sony, and Other Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Brands

Eargo offers four OTC models: the Eargo 6, Eargo 7 (see our evaluation), Link by Eargo, and Eargo SE. In a member survey, Eargo OTC hearing aids performed equivalently with our top-rated prescription brands with respect to battery life, durability, and ease of use. However, due to its higher prices, the brand earned a middle-of-the-pack score on value.

Price per pair: From $799 for Link by Eargo to $2,950 for Eargo 7.

Where to buy: Eargo, Best Buy

Preset or self-fitting? Self-fitting.

Battery type: Rechargeable.

Return policy: 45 days if purchased from Eargo; 60 days if purchased from Best Buy.

Customer service: Lifetime phone-based support, including ongoing access to hearing professionals.

Warranty period: One or two years, depending on the model.

Connected device: Pairs with an app for iOS or Android.