Best Induction Cooktops of 2024

We test 30- and 36-inch induction cooktops from such popular brands as Frigidaire, GE, Samsung, and Whirlpool. We also test pro-style induction cooktops from brands like Bosch, Monogram, and Thermador.

Regardless of whether the cooktop is gas, electric smoothtop, or induction, each is tested at low and high heat. Just about any cooktop will fare well enough when cooking over medium heat, but a stellar model will also boil quickly and simmer steadily. “The extremes between low- and high-heat tasks are where we really see differences,” says Kenneth Sutton, who oversees cooktop testing at Consumer Reports.

For high-heat cooking, we use a standard pot filled with about 4 quarts of water on the largest cooktop burner. We crank up the burner to the highest setting and note how quickly the water heats up.

For low-heat cooking, we use the smallest burner to maintain simmer and melt temperatures, gauging how well a cooktop holds a steady simmer temperature without dropping too low or reaching temperatures hot enough that you’d scorch delicate foods like chocolate or tomato sauce.