Moment Warehouse Sale: Deals on Cameras, Lenses, and Accessories

The photography fanatics over at Moment are having what they call a warehouse sale right now. There are some good deals on camera gear, Moment’s signature mobile lenses, bags, slings, organizers, and more. We’ve sifted through the deals to find the best prices on all the WIRED-tested gear on sale. Have a look!

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WIRED Featured Deals

Camera and Mobile Lens Deals

Moment made its name with its add-on lenses for mobile devices, which turn your phone into a more serious camera. Using professional-grade optics, Moment lenses greatly expand your phone camera’s capabilities, adding everything from portrait lenses to 10X macro lenses.

moment lens

Moment 18-mm Wide Mobile Lens

Photograph: Moment 

This is an open-box deal, which means it was a return, but never used. It does mean it’s not returnable though. The M-Series lenses are compatible with the iPhone 14, Pixel 7, and earlier generations. If you have a newer phone you’ll want the T-Series lens, which is not on sale. You will need a Moment case and drop-in mount for the system to work.

This is not an open-box deal. If you want better portraits from your phone, this is the lens you want. This is again an M-Series lens for the iPhone 14, Pixel 7, and earlier generations. Don’t forget to grab the case and the drop-in mount!

Another open-box deal, this is the M-Series anamorphic lens. Moment says this one was inspired by J. J. Abrams’ films, giving you that bright, slightly blue-tinged flame when shooting into headlights, street lights, or the Starship Enterprise as it lifts off. If you’ve got an iPhone 14, Pixel 7, or earlier device, this is a pretty sweet deal. As with all these mobile lenses, you’ll need a case and drop-in mount to install it over your phone’s lenses.

moment lens on an iphone

Moment Anamorphic 1.55X

Photograph: Moment

If the above lens mimics J. J. Abrams, I would call this the Steven Spielberg look, with a nice golden flare and the wider, more cinematic 1.55X look. As with the others, this is an M-Series lens.

This is also not an open-box deal, but it’s a good one on my favorite of Moment’s mobile lenses: the 10X macro. This lens will turn your older phone into a powerful close-up camera.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 camera

Instax Mini 12

Photograph: Fujifilm

We’ve seen the Mini 12 occasionally dip about $10 lower, but this is still a solid deal on our favorite budget Instax camera. It’s a capable, easy-to-use camera wrapped in a colorful, bubbly design. The Mini 12 uses a two-element plastic lens, and there’s no focusing. Everything is auto-exposure. If this camera had a motto it would be “Keep it simple.” One thing you’ll find here that’s missing even on more expensive models is parallax correction. That means you don’t have to guess where the center of the frame is for close-up subjects.

Camera Bag Deals

While the camera gearheads probably disagree, the real challenge in photography is finding the right bag. We’ve tested more than 70 bags to help whittle down the choices, and some of our favorites are on sale right now. Here are the best deals we’ve found on our favorite bags.

Wandrd Roam camera bag

Wandrd Rogue Sling

Photograph: Wandrd

Wandrd is having its own sale right now too, and you can save a few bones on our favorite everyday camera sling. The Rogue can be carried as a sling, messenger, or waist pack, and thanks to plentiful padding, it’s comfy to wear for long periods. There’s plenty of space for cameras, lenses, and other accessories, including tripods which can be cinched to the bottom with included straps. You can choose between three sizes.

Moment’s Rugged Sling is one of our favorite camera slings. It has a nice modular organization system inside, and the weatherproof fabric is made from recycled sails. The clever magnetic clip system works great and the larger, 10-liter size (also on sale for $130) will work for carrying around a drone.

We like the stealth aspect of the Everyday Backpack Zip, which doesn’t scream “camera bag” and therefore isn’t as tempting to thieves. You can access your camera by slinging the backpack around your shoulder to the front. A Peak Design Travel Tripod fits nicely in the side pocket, and the straps keep it secure.

Wandrd Prvke 2

Wandrd Prvke Camera Bag V2

Photograph: Wandrd

We’ve called the Prvke V2 (pronounced “provoke”) the perfect camera bag. There’s a V3 out, but this deal is on the V2. It’s well padded and nicely cushioned to protect your gear, and the exterior waterproof tarpaulin and Robic 1680-denier ballistic nylon materials have held up extremely well over time. We like the 31-liter version linked here, which can swallow a considerable amount of gear, but the 21-liter version is also on sale for $131 ($96 off), and the 41-liter version can be had for $207 ($50 off).

The Monterey is one of our favorite small slings, great for when you’re out with a point-and-shoot or action camera setup. You can wear it as a sling, cross-body, or fanny pack, and it’s comfy in all three modes. The main compartment has a thin sleeve to store an item alongside your camera, and over on the front are two pockets with room for spare batteries or keys.