Talking Cars 447: Driving the BMW X2

Main theme: In this podcast episode, the team shares its initial driving impressions of the 2024 BMW X2

One of this redesign’s major changes is a longer wheelbase. Does it add notable room for passengers and cargo? And the new X2 delivers our first exposure to BMW’s latest infotainment system: iDrive 9. Does the latest iteration improve the interface or add additional complications? This new operating system required a bit of a learning curve for functions, and updates are now part of the paired BMW app. 

We also take a few minutes to decipher the differences between the even-numbered BMWs (X2, X4, X6) and their odd-numbered counterparts (X1, X3, X5, X7). Does this even-numbered X2 deliver on the promise of sportier performance and handling? And is it an improvement over the outgoing version?

Audience Questions
• What are the benefits of stop/start technology for fuel economy?
• What happened to cornering lights? Are they still available?
• What are good recommendations for a car or small SUV that’s going to be driven for a long time?