Should You Buy a Roku TV Actually Made by Roku?

You’ll find the most basic Roku TVs in the Roku Select series. Select sets are available in screen sizes ranging from 32 to 75 inches; prices start at about $220 and run up to about $600 for the biggest set. You can buy the 65-inch Roku 65R4A4 model right now for about $400 at several retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart.

All the 4K Select models support the HDR10 and HDR10+ HDR formats and include an auto-brightness feature that uses light sensors to adjust the TV’s brightness to the room’s ambient light conditions.

Moving up one level in the company’s lineup, Roku Plus models are available in 55-, 65-, and 75-inch screen sizes, with prices ranging from about $450 to $800. The 65-inch Roku 65R6A5R set is selling for $500 to $600, depending on the retailer.

When you step up to a Roku Plus set, you get a QLED TV, which uses quantum dots rather than filters to produce colors. These tiny nanocrystals have the potential to produce brighter, more saturated colors than sets that use conventional LED backlights.

The Roku Plus models also have full-array LED backlights with local dimming, where individual zones on the TV can be lit or dimmed separately. That can help improve contrast and black levels. Unlike the Select models, Roku Plus TVs support Dolby Vision high dynamic range (HDR) and Dolby Atmos sound, and come with a later version of WiFi (WiFi 6) than the Select sets. (Tech companies are already onto WiFi 7, but don’t worry about it.) Plus there’s a rechargeable Roku Voice Remote Pro, so you don’t have to keep replacing batteries. Select models come with a more basic remote control.

The Roku Plus models are also a bit brighter, which helps some sets offer slightly better HDR performance.