Best Baby Bottle Sterilizers of 2024

Most steam sterilizers are tall, boxy receptacles powered by an electric heating system. But there are a few features that vary from model to model. Here’s what to consider.

Fit: Most products can accommodate several shapes and sizes of baby bottles, but some work best using shorter bottles. For instance, many models have a tray that sits above the bottle tray for nipples and accessories, but the upper tray might not fit under the sterilizer lid if you’re using tall baby bottles, so you might need to run additional items in a separate cycle.

Trays: All models have at least one tray to hold baby bottles in place (upside-down so that they dry thoroughly). Some have an extra tray for the nipples and other small items, such as pacifiers. 

Prongs: Some products have long prongs that keep the bottles in place. Others have very short prongs that make the bottles a little more unwieldy, but they make the bottle tray more flexible in terms of what you can load in it.

Fans: Some models have a fan that draws air through a filter to help dry the bottles faster—typically within an hour. Others don’t have fans, so you’ll need to air-dry, which can take several hours. (The models we test all have a fan-assisted drying cycle.)

Filters: Some models have HEPA filters, which reduce the possibility of recontamination by the air that is blown over the bottles during the drying cycle.