How to Shop Like a Pro During Amazon Prime Day – July 2024

Keep in mind that these services may not work all the time. But being able to see how much a product costs right before the sale starts (and whether the MSRP happened to increase) can be helpful. Putting these tools together can help you deduce whether a deal is worth your money.

WIRED always fact-checks deals to determine their quality. You can check out our ongoing deals coverage to find roundups of the best discounts available—during Prime Day and year-round.

What’s a Lightning Deal?

Lightning Deals are limited-time deals that Amazon runs for only a few hours. They’re not restricted to Prime Day, but they’re especially prevalent during big sales events. Once an item sells out, you may be able to join a waiting list, but not always.

Put bluntly, the Lightning Deals selection is often full of impulse buys, like makeup and skin-care products or toys. Prime members can browse upcoming deals on Amazon’s website and in the mobile app. The app can also alert you before a Lightning Deal begins. We’ll share some of our favorite Lightning Deals in a live blog during the event this year.

How Does the Invite-Only Deals System Work?

The best deals sometimes sell out quickly. To get around this, Amazon launched an invite-only deals program during Prime Day a few years ago. Prime members can request an invitation on items that are expected to sell out. This feature is only available on select products, but it’s spread across a wide range of price points and categories—including kitchen, electronics, fashion, and beauty.

On the page, you’ll see a Request Invite button on the right-hand side. Click it to get a chance to buy it at the sale price, but there’s no guarantee you’ll be invited. According to an Amazon spokesperson, the company removes “bot-like submissions” from the list of requests and selects from the remaining customers. However, it’s not clear how Amazon chooses from the remaining list of interested buyers.

If you’re selected, you’ll receive both an email and a notification via the Amazon app once Prime Day begins. The deal is valid until Prime Day ends—so you’ll have to purchase the specific product before the two-day event comes to a close.

Are There Other Ways to Make Sure a Deal Won’t Sell Out?

If you know what time a deal begins, make sure to actively pay attention to the product page around the starting time. You may also be able to add an item to your cart before the sale begins, so you can refresh the page to snag it right away. With the Amazon Shopping app (Android, iOS), you can set up personalized deals alerts to get notified when items you have searched for recently are on sale, but only if you’re a Prime member.

It’s smart to create an account at trusted retailers so you can save your credit card information and shipping details ahead of time. This will make the checkout process as fast as possible. It’s also a good idea to clear your web browser cache before you start shopping during sales events like Prime Day. Just be sure to log back into those retailers afterward.