18 Best Fourth of July Mattress Deals (2024)

Fourth of July might have you thinking about fireworks and making your family’s favorite summer recipes (mine is my grandmother’s super-vinegary macaroni salad). But don’t sleep on the excellent Fourth of July sales. We usually see mattresses go heavily on sale during President’s Day and Memorial Day, but now these beds are coming to steal Independence Day’s thunder. We’ve vetted the sales and tested all these mattresses (we’ve listed everything in queen size)—these are the ones worth splurging on in between the town parade and catching late-night fireworks.

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WIRED Featured Deals

Best All-Around Mattress Sales

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Helix Sleep Midnight Luxe Hybrid

Helix Sleep Midnight Luxe Hybrid Mattress

Photograph: Helix Sleep

By default, you’ll see a JULY25 discount code added to your cart. At checkout, change it to JULY30 and you’ll see an even better discount. This is our favorite mattress. We’ve tested tons of mattresses, and the Helix Sleep Midnight Luxe Hybrid pulls ahead thanks to its plush cushion top and a medium-firm feel that’s fantastic for every kind of sleeper. It’s a great mattress for anyone, and right now you can get it with a set of brand-new pillows for a complete bedding set.

Struggling with a few different sleep issues and can’t decide if you want cooling features or alignment support? The Leesa Sapira Chill Hybrid is for you. It can solve multiple problems: it gives a nice dose of cooling thanks to a fabric cover that pulls heat away from the body and is super supportive thanks to four foam layers and three different types of coil. It’s a little springy-er than other hybrid mattresses since it has a responsive foam layer instead of memory foam. You can get this mattress right now with sheets and two pillows included.

If you’re a foam mattress lover, you’re in luck: our favorite all-foam mattress is on sale. The One is Casper’s new base mattress in its updated mattress lineup. The 11-inch mattress has a medium-firm feel with its three layers of foam, one of which is an open-cell foam layer to keep it from getting hot like other foam mattresses do. It nicely cradles your hips and provides support too.

By default, you’ll see a JULY25 discount code added to your cart. At checkout, change it to JULY30 and you’ll see an even better discount. This mattress is the tall boy of boxed mattresses, reaching an impressive 16 inches tall. Helix’s Elite line has six levels of softness and two layers, with the level of softness dictated by the foam density of the upper layer. The softer Sunset is the one we recommend, and our editors loved it for the cradling effect. It’s also cooling, thanks to a special fabric Helix uses in its mattresses. Like the Midnight Luxe above, it’s not a major sale price, but you do get two free pillows during the Fourth of July sale.

Best Organic Mattress Sales

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Turmerry Organic Mattress

Turmerry Organic Latex Mattress

Photograph: Turmerry

This is our favorite organic mattress, full stop. WIRED senior reviewer Scott Gilbertson says it’s the only mattress both he (a firm mattress lover) and his wife (a soft mattress fan) agree on because it somehow manages to be both without being too much of either. It’s great for combination sleepers and couples, and lasts–Gilbertson has been sleeping on his for nearly two years. Avocado often has a 10 percent deal going, but this is still $100 cheaper than we usually see it for.

The Birch Luxe’s medium-firm feel and structured support should make it a solid pick for most sleeping styles, but we especially like it for side sleepers. The Luxe uses multiple layers of wool plus a layer of individually wrapped coils, and those coils offer full lumbar support and are arranged to cradle your spine while maintaining a satisfyingly stiff edge on all four sides. It also has a pillow top and an extra layer of blended cashmere that gives it fantastic temperature regulation.

Awara’s hybrid mattress is our favorite affordable organic mattress, especially since it’s on sale right now. The Awara is supportive and bouncy, but the springs can be felt more readily than in other mattresses, while the edges are quite rigid. There’s not much motion transfer, and the soft mattress fabric didn’t run too hot or too cold either during our testing. It’s a great option for the price, both during the sale season and outside of it.

Turmerry’s organic latex mattress aims to solve a problem that plagues latex mattresses. They’re often heavy and expensive and can be hard to find with online retailers. But Turmerry wraps all of its foam layers separately to mail them to you, making it easier to ship and move around, and then you zip it up into an organic cotton cover to hold it all together. WIRED editor Martin Cizmar tested a medium-firm setup and was happy to find Turmerry’s system worked well and felt like a classic latex mattress.

Best Cooling Mattress Sales

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Close up side view of plush white mattress with blue trim and a person's hand resting near the label

Bedgear Split Head M3

Photograph: Jeremey Theron Kirby

If you and your partner can’t decide on how firm a mattress should be, but both agree you need something cooling, the Bedgear Split Head M3 is the solution you need. When you order it, you can specify between four different firmness levels for each side of the bed so you can each get the mattress you want without having to stick two twins together. The M3’s cooling technology will be included on both sides, with great airflow thanks to perforated, individually wrapped coils and a Ver-Tex cooling cover with air-ventilated panels.

Looking for something firm and cooling? This Sealy mattress has you covered. It’s got Phase Change Material (PCM) built into it that draws away heat from the body and releases it when your body cools back down. It’s 10 inches thick, giving it a lower profile than many other mattresses, and the firm all-foam design is great for back and stomach sleepers. There’s also nearly zero motion transfer, which is great for getting out of bed without waking your partner. It’s a price we often see, but you’ll get a free sheet set, mattress protector, and pillow set with your purchase.

The Leesa Legend Chill is our favorite cooling, medium-firm mattress. WIRED contributor Nicole Kinning usually prefers soft mattresses but was surprised how much she enjoyed sleeping on the firmer Legend Chill. It has great support and cooling qualities, and Nicole found she fell asleep sooner and slept better on this mattress than she expected. The mattress’ quilted top layer feels ultra-luxe and is cool on contact, and the breathable phase-change fibers draw heat away from the body. You’ll get a free set of pillows and microfiber sheets when you buy this mattress during Leesa’s Fourth of July sale, making it a better price than usual for the whole bundle.

The Casper Snow is a new addition to the updated Casper mattress line, and it didn’t disappoint our testers. The medium-feel mattress has cooling technology included throughout it: cooling material in the mattress, three patented HeatDelete bands inside it that promise to dissipate heat, and a patented Snow Cover over the mattress. Besides the cooling features, the Casper Snow has poly foam, memory foam, and pocketed coils, and provides targeted support at the hips, waist, and lower back to alleviate pressure, making it ideal for back and stomach sleepers.

Best Side Sleeper Mattress Sales

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Plush mattress with blue trim on pink grungy background

Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress

Photograph: Bear; Getty Images

Our favorite side sleeper mattress is firmer than most other side sleeper mattresses you’ll find, but have faith in us: we recommend it for a reason. The 14-inch hybrid mattress has five layers to it, and the top layer is a quilted pillowtop that makes it feel way more luxurious than you’d expect at this price (especially given that it’s on sale). Our reviewers found that the Bear Elite still has enough give to support your hips and elbows while you lay on your side, and is super breathable to boot. Medium firm mattresses are great for back pain support, which can be hard to find for side sleepers, but the Bear Elite can support you while allowing you to stay in your favorite position.

Side sleepers often like soft mattresses, but soft mattresses don’t always have the support they need. The Nectar Premier fixes that with its soft squishy foam and layer of coils for support. The 13-inch mattress is satisfyingly soft to sink into and has excellent contouring to your body, but is still supportive enough for your pressure points. Its softness makes it best for true side sleepers, rather than combination sleepers. It’s a good sale price, too.

The Serta Perfect Sleeper is delivered like mattresses used to, with scheduled delivery and a big truck–no mattress in a box or airing out required. It has a few customization options, but the Ultimate support firmness with a plush pillowtop is a fantastic combination of softness and support. It’s got an assortment of coils that are designed for both side and back sleeping, making it a great find for combination side sleepers.

Best Back Pain Mattress Sales

Saatva Classic Mattress on a bed frame with sheets and pillows

Saatva Classic Mattress

Photograph: Saatva

The Saatva Classic has a unique spring structure we like and is particularly helpful for dealing with back pain. There’s a layer of pocketed coils made with 14.5-gauge steel, plus a base layer made with heavier 13-gauge steel coils. All those coils make it nice and springy too. The “luxury” firmness level has a pillowtop made from organic cotton quilted in zones to promote lumbar support, plus there’s a high-density foam layer that also gives lumbar and edge support. Saatva’s mattresses don’t come in a box but are delivered by truck and you can have the delivery person place the mattress wherever you want in your home. We often see it for around this price, but this is a solid price to nab it.

The Plank Firm Natural is another great mattress to help deal with back pain. An organic version of the Plank ($999), our favorite firm mattress, it’s dual-sided with both a medium-firm and firm side. With two different layers of latex on each side, plus a center of individually wrapped coils, this springy plank mattress has been a game changer for my back pain. The medium-firm side was comfy but supportive for my scoliosis and spondylosis-wracked spine while I slept on my side. Surprisingly, though, I found myself loving the firm side even more because it turned me into a combination side and back sleeper, alleviating some of the problems I was causing my own body overnight. I haven’t woken up pain-free in years until the Plank Natural, and the firm, springy nature helps me pop right out of bed too.

While the above Plank Natural erases my pain by encouraging me to change my sleeping position, the Saatva Rx lets me sleep all night on my favored right side while erasing the muscle pain I deal with. My sister also tried it after straining her back moving and woke up feeling notably better. It was a little too soft to help with my spine damage (I have spondylosis) but if you have regular muscle aches that usually worsen overnight, this is the mattress for you.