How to Get Your Passport Fast Before Your Next Trip Abroad

When organizing a vacation abroad, you need to plan more than just your itinerary, flights, and hotel. It’s also important to have the right travel documents and, for convenience, to arrange for passes that help you speed through airport security. Here’s what you need to know:

If you already have a U.S. passport, check its expiration date. An adult passport lasts 10 years—but many countries require that it be valid at least six months past the date of your trip. To renew (or get one for the first time), go to

How fast can you get it? Processing can take six to eight weeks when you submit an application or renewal by mail. To get yours processed in two to three weeks, you can pay a $60 “expedite fee” on top of the $130 passport cost. If you need to travel abroad within 14 days, go to the Online Passport Appointment System to book an in-person appointment. You’ll need to bring printed proof of your travel date, such as an airline ticket receipt, and pay a $60 expedite fee.