Best Travel Strollers

Brands market certain models as “travel” strollers, but that’s not a firm category with consistent criteria. The ideal model could actually fall under any of the typical stroller types. It could be a traditional stroller that’s light in weight and slender in width or an umbrella stroller wiith ample storage compartments. And there are caddies and convertible models that lend themselves especially well to travel. The best travel stroller for you will depend on how old your children are and how you’re getting to your destination.

CR’s comprehensive stroller ratings highlight the strong points and drawbacks of a wide range of strollers, carriers, and travel systems for infants and toddlers. We’ve tested strollers from almost 30 brands, including Chicco, Doona, Graco, Mountain Buggy, and Uppababy, and we rate them based on ease of use, maneuverability, and, of course, safety.

Below are a few top-rated strollers of different types to help keep your journeys safe and hassle-free. They appear below in alphabetical order,