The Best Time to Fertilize Your Lawn

In addition to fertilizing your yard, mowing and watering in the right fashion will also make your lawn lusher. Here are three key lawn care tips:

Let your lawn grow. Generally, you should let grass grow to 4½ inches and then cut it to 3 or 3½ inches. Tall grass helps promote deep roots, making your lawn hardier and more resilient. 

Use the mulch setting on your mower and leave the clippings behind. The mulch clippings serve as compost, providing your grass with nutrients. This also reduces evaporation.

Don’t overwater. A typical lawn needs no more than 1 inch of water a week, including rainfall. To promote deep roots, give your lawn one long soak each week instead of several short waterings. In fact, a light daily watering encourages root systems that are too shallow, promotes weed growth, and leaves grass susceptible to disease and insect damage.