Should You Repair or Replace Your Broken Clothes Dryer?

In our 2022 survey, 69 percent of CR members sought to repair their dryer when it broke down. Of those who turned to professionals for repairs, 60 percent paid out of pocket, 27 percent were at least partly covered by an original manufacturer’s warranty, and 13 percent were at least partly covered by an extended warranty.

The median repair cost was $149 for a lower-priced gas dryer (under $800) and $192 for a mid- or higher-priced gas dryer (over $800). For electric dryers, the median repair cost was $133 for lower-priced machines (under $700), $173 for midpriced ones ($700 to $900), and $215 for higher-priced models (over $900).

Here’s some good news: 92 percent of all dryers purchased since 2012 are still in use. This raises the question of whether you should you even buy an extended warranty. For a vast majority of CR members, the answer was no. Only 16 percent of respondents purchased an extended warranty or service contract, and 78 percent of them never used it.

Depending on your location, a $120 to $170 service charge is usually added to the total cost, according to Landers. Repairs on large cities and on both coasts may be more expensive, boosting the cost to upward of $275, he says.